80Fresh - Tasty. Healthy. Simple.

It's a commonly held belief that 80% of your fitness and health goals are determined by what you eat. 80Fresh aims to simplify the seemingly daunting task of maintaining healthy, sustainable eating habits.

Tasty - Chef created meals from local, fresh food sources. Our menu focuses on comfort food made with nutritious ingredients and healthier preparation methods, without sacrificing the taste of your favorite foods.
Healthy - Each meal is dietitian approved, lists all nutritional information and ingredients, and can fit into various healthy lifestyles depending on your health and fitness goals.
Simple - No more wandering around the grocery store trying to figure out what you'll be eating for a week. Choose your meals from our menu, and 80Fresh delivers your pre-portioned food the following week. Meals are pre-prepped and ready to eat in 20 minutes or less, only requiring minimal attention and cooking skills.