Q: Is diet really the determinant of up to 80% of a person's success in reaching fitness and health goals?

A: This is a commonly held belief by many fitness experts. There's no exact number you can put on the importance of diet in relation to reaching/maintaining your health and fitness goals, and this will vary by each person, but the main takeaway is that a good diet is the most important aspect of good health that you can control. 

Q: Does the number 80 hold any other significance for 80Fresh?

A: Yes. We do about 80% of the work of getting fresh, delicious, healthy meals to you (menu options, sourcing, portioning, prep, delivery). All you have to do is re-heat the ready to eat items, and finish cooking the ready to cook items (there is no chopping, grating, or anything work/time intensive in our meals). We know you're busy and don't have time to spend an hour every night making dinner.

We also firmly believe in the 80/20 rule, which states that you can reasonably expect to reach your fitness goals as long as you eat healthy 80% of the time. This allows you to "cheat" from time to time (20%) and have that occasional slice of pizza, piece of birthday cake, or indulge a bit at your favorite restaurant. This is not hard science, but it's based on keeping sustainable, permanent eating habits for the majority of your meals, while still occasionally allowing you to enjoy the foods we all love. This 80/20 principle is the main reason we are not an all inclusive meal plan like some of the frozen meal services that send you 21 meals per week - we know you're human and need the flexibility to enjoy life. We just want to help take care of the core 80% of your diet that will help you reach your fitness and health goals, however that fits into your schedule and lifestyle.

Q: Why is your food a part of this healthy "80"?

A: Our food is made from fresh, minimally processed produce and protein sources, which we believe are the foundation of any healthy meal. We strive to provide two servings of fruits/vegetables, at least one serving of healthy protein, and one serving of a fibrous carb source per meal, and we portion each meal so that it is filling, yet low calorie. Meals will vary on these exact proportions, but we do list all our nutrition information and ingredients for each meal on our website, so you know exactly what you're putting in your body. On top of this transparency, we also run our menu by a registered dietitian to make sure our meals are nutritious.

Q: Are your ingredients locally sourced?

A: As much as possible. We source our produce from a local vendor and our meat from various local farms. All meat is antibiotic and hormone free. We also streamline our ordering and sourcing process so that when you place your order, your food ends up arriving fresh from its source as quickly as it possibly can.

Q: Does 80Fresh guarantee that I lose weight?

A: We can't make that promise, because there are too many factors we can't control. You ultimately control your intake when you're not eating our meals, and your activity level, so we can't guarantee any specific weight-loss results. We do, however, feel that our meals can simplify healthy eating when it is otherwise difficult, especially weekday nights, and we do guarantee that if you order and eat 80Fresh meals on a regular basis, developing and maintaining a healthy diet will become much, much easier, which can lead to weight loss if that is your goal. The convenience of 80Fresh means you don't have to spend time wandering around the grocery store thinking of what to make for a week, or prepping a bunch of meals from beginning to end, which allows you to skip the unhealthy, calorie-laden, processed takeout/fast food options.

Q: Is this "diet" food?

A: Absolutely not. Our menu is created by our awesome chef whose main goal is to deliver the taste you crave with meals that are engineered to fit a healthy lifestyle. We feel very strongly that you cannot maintain long-term healthy eating habits with food you don't like, so we balance the contrasting demands of taste, nutrition, convenience, and variety.

Q: I hear a lot about different diet types, such as Paleo, Atkins, low-fat, low-carb, gluten-free, 40-30-30, vegan, etc... Do your meals adhere to any of these diets? Which one should I follow?

A: No, 80Fresh does not adhere to any specific diet methodology. We realize that each person is different, and that many people have had great success using different diets. We do cater to many diet types for this reason, so if you have had success with a particular diet, we probably have at least a few options that would work well for you. If you don't see some options that fit into a plan that has brought you success, please let us know so we can better cater to your needs -- we're always open to new ideas and feedback.

As far as which diet you should follow, that is a little more complicated and varies by individual, so we always recommend that you discuss any dietary changes with your doctor or a registered dietitian.

Q: You mentioned frozen meal plan type diet programs earlier. How is 80Fresh different from those?

A: 80Fresh differs from these plans in a couple important ways. First of all, our food arrives fresh, not frozen, which maximizes the taste of each meal once prepared. Microwaving frozen food can lead to unpredictable results (either too soggy or too dry) and we believe that most food tastes better freshly prepared. We do ship certain meal components already prepped to be reheated, as our chef has determined that some food tastes as good (or better) this way, and we want to save you as much time as possible by preparing those dishes ourselves.

We also believe that the best diet is not a diet at all. 80Fresh's meals are nutritious, home-cooked meals - not bland, frozen diet food - that you can eat every night. In our opinion, eating nutritious food every day for the majority of your meals is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and the fresh, delicious taste and total convenience of 80Fresh's meals make this habit easy to maintain in the long run.

Q: How do I start getting these meals?

A: Pick out what meals you'd like for the following week and place your order. We'll walk you through the rest. For a description of how the whole process works, check out our Learn More page.

Q: It seems like it might be a lot of work... how long does it take for me to prepare each meal at home?

A: 80Fresh has optimized the at-home cooking time to take about 20 mins or less with minimal attention and cooking skills. Take our Un-fried Chicken meal, for instance. You simply arrange the already breaded chicken strips on a baking sheet along with the Brussels sprouts, place them in a pre-heated oven, and that part of the meal is ready in 10-15 minutes. While those are cooking, you can re-heat the mashed sweet potatoes in the microwave or in a small pot on your stove top. Not much work for such a good meal!

Q: So 80Fresh meals are not shipped frozen... how does that work?

A: Your meals are shipped in an insulated box that is refrigerated with ice packs, which can keep the food fresh for up to 3 days in transit (we adjust insulation/ice packs based on transit time). As an extra precaution, you should check to make sure sure all food arrives under 41° F by using a food thermometer (you can place it inside a non-solid food item, or you can wrap a vacuum-packed food item around the end of the thermometer). As soon as your package arrives, place all items in your refrigerator. 

Q: How long does the food hold once I receive it?

A: The food will be good for 5-7 days once received and refrigerated. You should use your best judgement if any of the items do not seem fit for consumption. Please see our Guarantee for more information regarding food that may have gone bad. Email us at contact@80fresh.com with any pictures of food that has spoiled within 5 days of receipt, and we'll reimburse your for that meal.

Q: Is there an order minimum?

A: No, but you receive free shipping for any order over $60. Orders between $30 and $60 incur a $5 shipping fee, and orders below $30 incur an $8 shipping fee. It makes sense to order at least $60 of food per order, but you can still try just a few meals and pay minimal shipping if you'd like to give 80Fresh a taste before committing to more meals.

Q: When can I expect the food to arrive once I order?

A: Wednesday is the order cut-off day each week. If you order before Wednesday on midnight, your meals will arrive the following Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on your location). If you order after Wednesday in a given week, your meals will arrive a week after the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have a subscription, all you have to do is choose your meals according to your plan, and we take care of the rest. 80Fresh will send a reminder email if you have not chosen your meals by Tuesday. If you don't choose anything by Wednesday night, we will defer that week of meals to the following week, so you don't end up receiving anything you don't want. 

Q: Am I locked into a subscription plan?

A: No, we have various different plans that can fit your lifestyle/schedule. We offer a monthly subscription plan that you can pay for upfront (at a discount per meal) and use weekly until those meals run out (minimum order thresholds still apply for free shipping).