Single People, You Deserve A Meal Kit

by Bartley Creasman |

If you're reading this, you likely know that meal kit delivery has exploded over the past three years. Blue Apron, the flag-bearer for this industry subset, is currently selling 8 million meals per month and exploring an IPO, while countless others (about 150 or so nationwide) jockey for position in this currently $2 billion per year market. Some analysts even project that this market will expand dramatically to $36 billion per year by 2024!

With all these big numbers flying around, the number we want to focus on is one. Most of these meal kits are designed for couples or families, with their core mission being to provide a unique cooking experience without planning/shopping for their customers. Such an experience is not ideal for single people (who don't like to cook), however, who have to fully prepare each meal for two (without any help), which typically takes at least 30 minutes (in our experience usually 45+ minutes), and deal with leftovers.  

We conceived 80Fresh as an "anti" meal kit - we wanted to create a more utilitarian service (get through a long weekday with something quick, healthy, and fresh) that is ready to go in less than 10 minutes of active time but still home-cooked (not re-heated or frozen), instead of the at-home cooking experience better suited for couples. To focus on health and transparency, we decided to package everything in individual servings so we could control portions and keep accurate calorie and nutrition counts for our customers. With these unique features of our service, as well as our completely flexible subscription packages (anywhere from 2 to 12 total meals per week per household available), we found that 80Fresh became a particularly good fit with our customers ordering for one person. Single people are more likely to eat ready-made meals and less fruits and vegetables, which negatively affects nutrition intake and overall health, so 80Fresh provides a "less cooking" alternative for singles who are underserved (but not forgotten!) by most meal kit services.

Is 80Fresh only for single people? Not at all. The "less cooking" and nutritional transparency aspects of our service have been welcomed by many couples and families who like to save time or have differing individual tastes and dietary preferences. But for all you single people out there, you have some help for dinner too!