New Year, New Me... Again?

by Bartley Creasman |

According to the numbers, you have probably promised to make some sort of life change around this time of year, as about 45% of people usually make New Year's resolutions. If you have failed to reach your goals in the past, you're not alone, as only 8% of people are successful in achieving all their resolutions, and 49% have infrequent success. 

You probably don't need a bunch of numbers to tell you what we all know - that most resolutions fail. But why? These two articles, among many others, do a great job explaining (Forbes and Nerd Fitness). Long story short, most goals are too vague ("eat healthier"), too ambitious (hit the gym 6x per week), or too drastic (making 4-5 changes vs. focusing on 1-2 at a time), and when we don't reach them, we become discouraged and give up completely. 

The goals "eat healthier" and "lose weight" are among the most common, but these two can be especially vague and lack a clear plan for success. Everyone wants to eat healthier, but few have the time to plan all their meals ahead of time, shop, and prep them to be ready when they get home from a busy day (there are other alternatives, such as healthy take-out options, but those tend to be expensive and tough to order when a burrito is staring you in the face...). We're not saying that people can't or don't successfully change their eating habits on their own, we're just saying that life is busy and it's certainly not easy... think about that mid-February day when it's freezing outside, you're tired, and you'd rather order pizza than think about going to the grocery store and figuring out what's for dinner. 

So how do we help you succeed? 80Fresh is more than meal delivery, it is a system set up to help you finally reach or maintain your goals. Think of that same February day, you woke up early, put in your eight (or more) hours, and made it to the gym. You get home late, you're tired, but this time you reach into your fridge and grab an 80Fresh, and 15 minutes later a dinner is on the table that builds on all the good things you've done that day. Now you can wind down instead of worrying about this last, very important decision for the night. 80Fresh puts healthy meals in your fridge before you have the chance to make an unhealthy choice, and these small victories add up over time.

A flexible subscription suited to your lifestyle (whether it's a couple nights a week or every night) can plan your healthy dinners in advance for you, so you can worry about everything else. Not a fan of subscriptions? We have many customers that order a la carte regularly. We email you with a menu and reminder of the order cut-off dates, and you decide whether or not you need dinners for the following week. Not sure if it will fit your life? Use code FIRSTFREE at checkout for the first week of a subscription free (minimum 2 week commitment), or 2FREE for an additional $12 off a starter package (giving you 2 free meals) to try it out.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

- The 80Fresh Team