Saddle Up, Partner!

by Bartley Creasman |

“Workouts are more fun with a partner as well as more competitive… you challenge each other.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

While almost none of us are building our bodies in the way that the Terminator was, the journey to improved health, fitness, and body composition is much easier with a companion, or at least someone who will hold you accountable along the way. Having others challenge and support you (and maybe adding a little competitiveness) can be the difference between sticking with a workout plan and healthier set of eating habits, and falling off the wagon. This study done by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed that those with the best support group (friends and high-level coaching) lost the most weight.

Having a workout partner or personal trainer can be a game-changer in a couple important ways. We all have days where the last thing we want to do is workout, but just having someone to give you that extra push to get to the gym (or outside for a run/walk, or to the basketball court, etc...) can be enough, and once you’re there, half the battle is over. During your workout a partner can push you, add a bit of friendly competition, and create a more fun environment, which is important when working out regularly. All these little things add up to help reach goals faster and in a healthier state of mind than doing it all alone.

For many, this is why a personal trainer is so important - in addition to their expertise, it’s the ultimate person to keep you accountable. Not wasting money by skipping workouts can be a great motivator, and having a professional in your corner to help you navigate some of the difficulties in making these improvements in your life is a great benefit, and no one wants to waste that. Good trainers also recognize that attaining sustainable results is a long-term process, and they make sure their clients are progressing like-wise to achieve these long-term, permanent results.

The same concept holds true when improving your dietary habits as well. It’s ideal to have someone close to keep yourself accountable - that’s why programs like Weight Watchers are so successful. Having a “diet buddy” isn’t always that easy, but finding someone to at least help keep you on track when you’re making lots of changes is important. This can be done by telling someone close to you, like a significant other or a family member, about your changes and why you’re making them, so they can support and help you (and hopefully they are supportive… but that topic is for another day). It can also include tracking your food intake with an app like MyFitnessPal, or you can find numerous online forums or communities filled with people who are currently on the same journey you are. These can all be great resources to get you through the inevitable bumps in the road. While none of these strategies will guarantee that you reach your goals, the more people you enlist to help you out, and the more resources you use to keep you on track, the better your chances of success.

80Fresh is set up to be a supportive partner for this journey. Although we can’t push you like a workout partner or personal trainer, we can act as your personal chef, grocery shopper, and dietitian all in one, as all of our meals are created, sourced, and approved by these professionals. You can choose any of our meals, and since each fits into a healthy diet, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re eating the right thing.