Why 80?

by Bartley Creasman |

What's the significance of the "80" in 80Fresh? 

This question is usually the first thing we hear when we start telling people about 80Fresh. 80 is a significant number for many reasons. According to some fitness experts, diet is responsible for up to 80% of a person's success in reaching his or her fitness goals. While it's impossible to put an exact percentage on the importance of diet in improving/maintaining good health, the founders of 80Fresh have incorporated these experts' recommendations into our own lives, and we've each personally discovered that what we eat is the most important factor in reaching our fitness/health/weight goals (Mac's blog post from last week is a perfect example). As former athletes, we thought that you could "work off" any extra weight. That's not really sustainable as we entered the real world, as life gets busier and the body can only handle so much working out. The common phrase "you can't outrun your fork" rang especially true. Once we changed our eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, and fibrous carbs (which is reflected in every meal our menu) for most meals, while maintaining a moderate workout schedule (being active is still very important), it was much easier to stay in good health. 

Most people think that losing weight or getting healthy means giving up all the food they love, but we at 80Fresh don't talk too much about that. The second significance of the "80" relates to the 80/20 rule, which states that you can reasonably expect to reach your fitness goals as long as you eat healthy 80% of the time. This allows you to "cheat" from time to time (20%) and have that occasional slice of pizza, piece of birthday cake, a few drinks here and there, or indulge a bit at your favorite restaurant. This popular concept helps people keep their sanity by allowing them to enjoy the foods we all love in moderation (as an aside, our meals combine great taste AND nutrition, but sometimes pizza and ice cream are tough to compete with). Eating healthy isn't an all or nothing proposition, and 80% is a number that works well to balance progress and the occasional indulgence for many.

So these above two reasons for using 80 in our name explain how many people have implemented sound advice from experts into their lives to help reach health and fitness goals. The last reason for the "80" relates directly to what we do - 80% of the work in getting delicious, healthy, easy to make meals on your table. To accomplish this we have collaborated with our awesome chef to create a diverse menu full of tasty meal options, so you don't have to wander around the grocery store trying to figure out what to eat for a week (or wonder if it's going to be any good). We have a dietitian review each meal to make sure it's healthy. We also prep the meals for you, so all you have to do is cook your protein (we'd do this for you if meat tasted as good re-heated) and re-heat your sides - all in under 20 minutes with minimal cooking skills and attention required - and you sit down to a meal that you won't believe is good for you.